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    I know I've got way more info on my treo than i used to but it takes 5-7 minutes to go throught the sync process now. any way to speed it up? also the connections on the bottom of the phone are getting wanky and I have to hold it to put pressure on them while syncing so it;s a pain.
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    Sounds like it's time for a "spring cleaning".

    1. Hotsync to back up the 650
    2. Rename your desktop /Palm/<username>/Backup directory to, say, Backup.old
    3. Hard Reset the 650 (delete all data)
    4. Hotsync

    That'll load your PIM data, but no 3rd party software or miscellaneous files. Then reinstall only the apps that you use.
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    and you should get a new cable ..
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    The more often you HotSync, the quicker it is. If I haven't HotSync'd in 2-3 days it might take 5-7 minutes. But if I HotSync in the morning and the evening, it will only take 2-3 minutes.
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    You might also check your call log - if you haven't purged it in a while, it can take a long time to sync.
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    I sync every afternoon, 7 days a week. Still, my sync will take 30, possibly more minutes. However, I download a number of items via Avantgo. That alone chews up 15-20 ninutes. Due to the slow browser speeds I rely on Avantgo for reasonably current information.

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    I agree with jg70124 - check the size of your call log. Also the number of appointments in your calendar. Those are the two biggest time sinks for HotSync in my experience. Well that and PocketMoney transactions, but not too many folks have that.

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