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    Hey gang.

    I need to remove and re-install my Palm Desktop software--somehow my conduits got all hosed up.

    I use VZAccess Manager 5.8.2--the latest for the Treo 700p--and it is very finicky about which version of Palm Desktop you use; one must install the Palm Desktop form the CD that came in the box with Treo 700p or else VZAccess Manager won't even install.

    Unfortunately, I have lost track of that CD.

    I cannot download the Verizon version of the Palm Desktop for the Treo 700p from Verizon or Palm--neither offer that specific version. Both support organizations are once again pointing their fingers at the other (surprise). I can't download the latest Palm Desktop software from Palm because it breaks VZAccess Manager.

    It's funny: I work in Boca Raton in the Verizon Wireless building (on Congress and Yamato, for those of you who know the area), right downstairs from a Verizon Wireless business office (they do sales, regional IT support, and tower maintenance). I wandered upstairs on the odd chance that someone up there had a 700p and maybe had an installation CD lying around that I could copy (y'know, like a next-door neighbor asking to borrow a cup of sugar)...

    ...alas, they do not. At least they couldn't immediately produce one; I left them my card and they'd call me if one turned up.

    So: Anybody out there willing to compress the Palm 700p original installation CD and stick it out there somewhere for me to download? I'd be really grateful.
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    I can send it to you. I need your email. Don't post your email here publicly. Send me a pm.
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    Hmmmm... no response? I guess you weren't that serious after all.
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    Can anyone send/link me the VZAccess Manager 5.8.2? It seems Verizon is very secure about it and don't want to send it to non-customers.

    Or from the Palm CD there is also VZAccess Manager
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