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    I keep getting duplicate contacts on my treo and have tried taking them out of outlook as well as deleting them off my phone.
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    If you change things both on your treo and in outlook, duplicate contacts will be created. Choose one - delete the duplicates in outlook, for example, then hotsync. If that doesn't work then you've got something else going on.
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    Give Undupe a try. It's only $10 and I run it about once a week and it takes care of the dupes that seem to accumulate over time
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    and you can find other way:

    1.use DBscan (from or google) and press Menu -->Remove All deleted Records)

    2.Use PalmDesktop. find and remove duplicate records. then config Hotsync setting( pc -> TREO) , and then Hotsync PC and Treo .

    PS. Undup is a good choice.
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    Undupe should be a required piece of software for any treo owner who syncs to outlook.

    It's come in handy a number of times and you cannot beat the price.

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