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    Any way of restoring the old ROM?
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    You need someone who used the "Rom Extension.prc" or used a r2sd backup, then you can extract the ROM from there. I only have a Telus rom so I can't help you..
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    Pls post a link to download "Rom Extension.prc". I've googled it w/o any luck. Tks
    Treo Maniac?
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    Quote Originally Posted by treoluv
    Where can I get this file? If possible, pls give a link. I've googled it, but find nowhere to download.

    search for rom transfer extension in google.

    note that it doesn't backup the other stuff mentioned.
    I prefer r2sd.

    Also you will get a "-xx%"... but the resulting file on SD card should be fine. Its called PalmOS.ROM, I think in the PALM dir

    But if you already flashed.. its not going to get the ROM back. Plus its not tested.. you will be in uncharted waters.

    After you got the ROM, verify it somehow thats its not corrupt/incomplete/truncated. Do it twice or something.. Then ZIP it up using the ventra-SPCS-Dbg.rom, and rename it to Then flash it with the ROM Updater.

    I don't think you need the Grack rom tool for this.

    Good luck

    I am still figure out why I can't get EVDO working.
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    If you find 1.08. Please post it. This MR blows!
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    I should have known that the latest isn't the best. I was better off with 1.08 and inconvenient BT issues, then all the other nuisances with 1.10. It took me a year to get used to them; I'm not that patient for another year. (probably never see another update for the 700p).

    I think PALM has finally swayed me away from them , and my next device search will include Windows and RIM.
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