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    I've only had it for a few days, but this Seidio holster seems to cradle my 755p perfectly. The soft-touch finish is great, as is the felt lining to help prevent scratches. Some may not care for the spring clip as it does cover the ringer switch on top, but that is not an issue for me. It has a great belt clip and overall low profile. I will be returning the Smartphone Experts SafeGuard holster for my 755p. I found it to be solid in general, but the clamp arm is HUGE and it is bulky overall. I HIGHLY recommend this Seidio model if you are in the market for a great holster!
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    I agree that that Seidio holster is really nice.

    I actually couldn't decide between the Sedio holster and the Smartphone Experts SafeGuard holster, so I ordered both of them.

    The main thing that kept me from wholeheartedly and only ordering the Seidio holster was that it covers the ringer switch, which I liked having uncovered from my ProClip holster days with the Treo 600, 650, and 700p.

    But I much prefer my holsters to be as low-profile as possible, and the first review of the SPE holster on the treocentral store page
    suggested that the clip was too big and that the retaining arm was larger than the reviewer liked. BUT...the SPE holster left the ringer switch uncovered. that I've had both for a while, I can list how i think they're different...

    • Seidio wins on low-profile-ness. Just lying clip-down on a desk, the Seidio holster just doesn't stick out as much.
    • As known beforehand, the Seidio covers the ringer switch, where the SPE does not.
    • The SPE clip is indeed larger than the Seidio clip, being both taller and deeper. The taller actually is a benefit to me of late, since I have some wider-than-normal belts. Where the Seidio clip just wasn't long enough to clip all the way around the belt (and thus was more likely to get pulled off the belt), the SPE clip fits and locks around those belts.
    • Build quality goes to Seidio. The SPE just feels a bit flimsier all around...the holster part is kind of one big piece of formed rubbery plastic...which is okay...but the clip just kinda seems creaky and fragile, like it might come detached or break pretty easily... I don't know. In contrast, the Seidio holster seems pretty solid.
    • SPE wins on "sit height"... When clipped to your belt, the SPE holster seems to hold the phone in such a way that it "sits" lower on your body. that seems to help prevent my arm from occasionally bumping or hooking into the phone as I walk or whatever. This wasn't something that I'd really thought to look for, but there it is. So despite the lower profile of the maybe actually be the SPE that's less "in the way" of my arm.
    • Seidio wins on feel. The rubberized surface of the Seidio feels better than the kinda-rubbery-kinda-plastic-y feel of the SPE.
    • Ease of access (holstering and un-holstering) overall goes to far. While holstering is pretty easy with both holsters, the Seidio is a little easier to holster with, as there's a more solid "click" or "snap into place" feeling with the Seidio holster, and it has cutouts in upper half of the the holster's sides. The SPE does not have these cutouts on the upper half of it's side-walls, so that when I holster the phone, sometimes the upper portion of one of those walls kinda prevents the phone from seating flush into the holster...the flip side of that is that the SPE holds the phone a bit more securely than it would without the cutouts... The Seidio totally feels secure even with the cutouts though, and I think that might be 'cause the retaining hook on the Seidio holster is wider than the one for the SPE--plus, the Seidio seems a bit more snug in general. For one-handed unholstering, though, I haven't quite figured out how to do that easily with either one. The SPE feels a little awkward as I do it, but I've figured out at least one way to do it, even if it doesn't quite feel like the most secure way to do it (like I might drop it). For the SPE, I put my thumb against the front right corner of the phone (a tiny bit of it peeks to the right of the retaining arm), and I put the base of my forefinger against the retaining arm, then push/pull out with my thumb, kinda gripping that little bit of corner between my thumb and forefinger base, while I fan the rest of my fingers and my palm behind the back of the phone waiting for the phone mostly to "fall" into my hand. I hope that makes sense. I expect that I'll find a better way to remove the phone from the Seidio holster than I know right now.

    So which do I like better? I'm actually still working on that. I don't know yet.

    Hope that helps somebody,
    => Shadowhawk
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    Look at the Helix. I used seidio and proclip and like this one a lot for my 755p.
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    I also have this holster, just perfect. Very happy customer..
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    I am also a huge fan of a holster and a solid case to protect the phone, I find that the palm air case does both for a fraction of the price.. it is avail at amazon for 16 and at palms site for 24.99. I really enjoy this item (i have dropped my phone like 6 times and no scratches)
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    can we get a real life image shot someone?
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    I just got this in the mail today and cannot be happier with how it performs. It feels great and sits nice and close to your body. I have no idea why people are saying its hard to open one handed... it seems unbelievably natural to put the phone in and take it out of the holster with one hand. Since there isn't a loud snap like blackberry holsters you may think its not in securely but it seems to hold the phone very well and i couldn't be more pleased. I took some pictures, not sure if they will help at all but its the best I could do

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