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    Well, so far so good. I did the update when I got home this evening. I sync'ed the contact list and did a hard reset before the update. Ran the update through the SD card. Confirmed to update to the new ROM and left the room for about 30 minutes. Came back and it was showing the screen to tap and adjust the screen.

    Loaded the following apps:

    Directory Assistance
    KeyCaps 650
    Soduku by Astra(free from MyPalm)
    Card Reader
    USB Modem
    Google Maps

    So far everything worked without a hitch. Only glitch I ran into was I tested Sprint TV. Everything started off fine then I touched the screen to get me back to the control interface. That's when the Treo rebooted. Strangely, when I hit ##377# to see what caused the reboot, it still showed the last time the phone rebooted back in April due to the "phone app".

    Didn't go back and try to dupe the problem. I don't even use Sprint TV, but just wanted to try because some people on the forum mentioned they were having issues with Sprint TV. They might be onto something there.

    Seems stable so far. However, my Treo was pretty stable even before the MR update. It used to reset once every day or two by itself. However, I think it was due to the version of the Good software I was using at the time. After I loaded the latest version of the Good software about a month or two ago, I think I averaged one reset per month.

    Anyways, I did experience lag when switching from Blazer to another app before the MR update. I'm still experiencing the lag after the MR update, but I would say it's about 25% faster. Lag is reduced but not far from gone.

    Testing out BT right now. Don't notice too much of a difference. Using the Jabra JX10. Only issue I had before the MR update was outgoing sound and when the headset went out of range, it would not pair back automatically. I would have to hit the answer button to "wake" the Treo back up.

    The MR update seemed to have solved the "waking" issue. I would take the headset out of range until it lost pairing. Then I brought the headset back in range and it would automatically pair again.

    I'll test out outgoing sound quality by making some calls tomorrow.

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    Just an update regarding BT. I made several calls today using BT on the new MR update. I didn't get any complaints from users asking me if I'm using a BT headset or telling me that they couldn't hear me. So it would seem BT has been improved somewhat. Will need to test more for the next few days to come up with a conclusive judgement.

    Has anyone noticed the way Messaging looks up the Contact list? I wasn't a heavy text user so I can't seem to recall for sure but I think the Contact lookup might have changed back to how the 650 looked up contacts. Just curious.

    This morning, I noticed that the radio on the phone turned off and on by itself. Not the whole Treo, but just the radio. The phone did that before the MR update as well. I guess some things didn't get fixed.

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    I think the phone turning off is a network issue It started happening to multiple 700p's at the same time frame.
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    Thanks sxtg. I guess that's good to know.

    One positive note I failed to mention. Not sure if it's due to changes in the network or the MR update, but my download speeds have been better. I tested USB Modem after the MR update and went over to the website for a speed test. I averaged around 520Kbps on 5 tries. Before the MR update, I was averaging around 300Kbps.

    Also, I have Google Maps running off the SD card. I've seen some posts saying some people were having problems with Google Maps when running off the SD.


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