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    I am trying to help a friend recover some of the data on his Treo 700p. After installing the new maintenance release (1.10), he hotsynced his Palm in an attempt to restore. He didn't realize that the Hotsync settings were set for handheld overwrites desktop (oops!). He is using Hotsync w/ Outlook.

    I've checked Outlook, and all of the calendar/memos/tasks are gone. They are also not in Deleted Items or the Recover Deleted Items. I've checked MS Support, and the mail simply isn't on the server. Also local .PST backups don't have the settings we need.

    I DID find a backup copy of the .DATs from his \Palm\%profilename%\backup\memopad directory, from yesterday. Looking in a hex editor, it looks like the category names are still there. Is there a straightforward way to restore these? I think it makes it more complicated since Outlook in an Exchange environment is involved. Normally I would just restore them and let Palm Desktop do its thing. He just really would like his memos back, but tasks and other functions (which we have DATs for) too are gravy.

    Can anyone help with a procedure for this? I would be most appreciative. Thanks!
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    For the memos, try e-mailing the DAT file to an account that the Treo can access. There are certain file types (such as TXT) that Memos won't open natively, but if it's sent to the Treo via e-mail or BT, it'll import and open. The same might work for the DAT file. I'd start there, since it's pretty quick and painless.
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    Just to close this one up, he eventually figured it out... Microsoft Outlook's "Recover Deleted Items" feature operates on a folder basis... so if you want to recover deleted memos, you must be in your memos folder when you go to Tools > Recover Deleted Items.

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