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    Since the site says for Bell/Telus/Alltel/Cellular South "no update needed".. for those of us with those carriers, have to use manual update.

    In the sprint update (SD version), there is 2 apps I have tried.

    1) CDMAfirmwareupdater (just rename the BPRC to PRC, then, copy that and the language overlays to ram, then it will run).

    Can someone (Verizon and Sprint) do me a favor? Run the app, then in the "Debug menu, uncheck everything, EXPECT "backup NV". then run update. it will create a CDMA+NV+Backup.pdb in the ram, use filez/mcfile to copy to sd card and send to me?

    Do not check the "Update FW", it will update the CDMA firmware.

    Inside you can find your MSL/SPC too.

    (nerase in the CDMA bootloader will erase the NV settings)

    2) RomupdaterApp (same thing, rename BPRC to PRC) then copy to RAM

    Hardware version (for IPL) (4 in total): DVT, EVT2, EVT5, EVT5A (mines is DVT)
    "listcards" with SD card inserted

    "low" will output
    Low MaxOS size: 0x02100000
    Low BinFS size: 0x02400000
    Checking os file size (/ROM/

    Preparing to update Ace (or Angus)
    but I don't understand the:
    validating /ROM/ (why is it in zip format? it needs the boot.conf too???)
    (some files is still missing... I have no idea how to continue from here)

    put ROM files in \ROM directory. to create a ROM from the pdb files (in the Treo700p.SPNT dir) use the Romtool for 650.. it will create a 14mb file, inside will have a 30mb file.

    I have used shadowmite's T3.jar (convert the pdb into bin). but some edit/recomplie is needed because it only converts the palmos-a-d file, while there is a-g in this one.
    The verizon rom updater LIST was posted at shadowmite's forums, but nobody seem to have it.

    # Archive \\XXXXX\c$\Documents and Settings\XXXXXXX\Desktop\
    2006-11-01 11:23 Folder Folder PALM\DeviceCustomizer
    2006-06-01 13:10 69679 30655 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\DeviceCustomizerApp.bprc
    2006-06-01 13:10 3415 1577 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\DeviceCustomizerApp_deDE.oprc
    2006-06-01 13:10 3379 1536 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\DeviceCustomizerApp_enUS.oprc
    2006-06-01 13:10 3399 1560 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\DeviceCustomizerApp_esES.oprc
    2006-06-01 13:10 3409 1574 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\DeviceCustomizerApp_frFR.oprc
    2006-06-01 13:10 3405 1564 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\DeviceCustomizerApp_itIT.oprc
    2006-03-23 15:05 64162 32833 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\DeviceUpdaterLib.prc
    2006-02-13 13:13 3576 695 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\Inventory.pdb
    2006-06-01 13:10 16 16 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\sa.dat
    2006-11-01 11:23 Folder Folder PALM\DeviceCustomizer\Scenarios
    2006-06-01 13:10 1326 189 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\Scenarios\VZWSecureSD.pdb
    2006-11-01 11:23 Folder Folder PALM\DeviceCustomizer\Treo700.VZW
    2006-06-01 13:10 7337 4115 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\Treo700.VZW\AAACheckerApp.bprc
    2006-06-01 13:10 2097 1023 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\Treo700.VZW\AAACheckerApp_deDE.oprc
    2006-06-01 13:10 1787 885 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\Treo700.VZW\AAACheckerApp_enUS.oprc
    2006-06-01 13:10 1962 964 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\Treo700.VZW\AAACheckerApp_esES.oprc
    2006-06-01 13:10 1968 973 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\Treo700.VZW\AAACheckerApp_frFR.oprc
    2006-06-01 13:10 1962 929 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\Treo700.VZW\AAACheckerApp_itIT.oprc
    2006-05-31 17:38 4679814 2844987 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\Treo700.VZW\CDMAFirmwareUpdater.prc
    2006-05-31 17:38 6021 3129 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\Treo700.VZW\defaultPRL.prc
    2006-04-12 17:41 93557 50333 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\Treo700.VZW\RomUpdaterApp.prc
    2006-06-01 13:10 176 120 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\Treo700.VZW\ventura-bl.md5.pdb
    2006-06-01 13:10 263248 120297 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\Treo700.VZW\ventura-bl.pdb
    2006-06-01 13:10 181 127 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\Treo700.VZW\ventura-ipl-dvt.md5.pdb
    2006-06-01 13:10 2144 1464 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\Treo700.VZW\ventura-ipl-dvt.pdb
    2006-06-01 13:10 182 128 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\Treo700.VZW\ventura-ipl-evt2.md5.pdb
    2006-06-01 13:10 2144 1448 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\Treo700.VZW\ventura-ipl-evt2.pdb
    2006-06-01 13:10 182 128 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\Treo700.VZW\ventura-ipl-evt5.md5.pdb
    2006-06-01 13:10 2144 1449 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\Treo700.VZW\ventura-ipl-evt5.pdb
    2006-06-01 13:10 183 129 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\Treo700.VZW\ventura-ipl-evt5a.md5.pdb
    2006-06-01 13:10 2144 1449 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\Treo700.VZW\ventura-ipl-evt5a.pdb
    2006-06-01 13:10 2105472 2099493 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\Treo700.VZW\
    2006-06-01 13:10 2105424 2098390 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\Treo700.VZW\
    2006-06-01 13:10 2105424 2100161 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\Treo700.VZW\
    2006-06-01 13:10 2105424 2100188 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\Treo700.VZW\
    2006-06-01 13:10 2105424 2102484 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\Treo700.VZW\
    2006-06-01 13:10 2105424 2101595 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\Treo700.VZW\
    2006-06-01 13:10 1523110 1518907 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\Treo700.VZW\
    2006-06-01 13:10 181 127 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\Treo700.VZW\
    2006-06-01 13:10 177 122 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\Treo700.VZW\ventura-spl.md5.pdb
    2006-06-01 13:10 263248 23461 PALM\DeviceCustomizer\Treo700.VZW\ventura-spl.pdb
    2006-03-02 15:15 2605 1552 PALM\start.prc
    2006-11-01 11:23 Folder Folder PALM
    # Total Size Packed Files
    # 19646912 17252756 44
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    for those interested in the MSL, I followed kocoman's instructions, used resco explorer to look at the pdb and found my msl in record #441. It's format (for me) was "U<space>######". where #s are the 6 digit msl.

    oh, and in going through it, I was sort of amused by the fact that there was a (in email addr/login form) in the nvram of my sprint device!
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    Ok. I was reading the blog from the 680 custom rom (why the mac homepage of the person's blog is down).. anyways

    brahma, torino, ventura (ace, angus).

    I find out that ace is for 650, while VENTURA is for 700.................

    So to convert ANY provider into Sprint.. (or custom rom)
    without waiting for the political "carrier approval".. here is how to do it....
    But it will say "Roaming".. how to get rid of that I need to figure out too..

    1) save backup of your NVRAM!! use the CDMAUpdater... see above
    2) d/l and unzip the file into \ROM
    3) copy the Romupdater into RAM...

    Check if it says "Hardware: DVT"!!!! DO NOT USE IF IT SAYS EVT2,EVT5 or EVT5A you need a different IPL!!!! I will make those files later)

    4) Plug in battery charger/make sure 100% charge
    5) run romupdater, then type "ventura" with SD card inserted.
    It will say like:

    from file: 36...
    From Flash: fe..

    token: HRST
    DeleteToken Success!
    token: Nohr
    DeleteToken Success!

    The device will automatically reboot after flashing rom

    flasing section...

    The LOGO of your phone will not change, because it doesn't change the CC-Cap section (another time I will figure out how to do it)

    How did I get the zip file? just use the T3.jar (but with a little bit modification...) and Grack's romtool..
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    Quote Originally Posted by thetoad View Post
    for those interested in the MSL, I followed kocoman's instructions, used resco explorer to look at the pdb and found my msl in record #441. It's format (for me) was "U<space>######". where #s are the 6 digit msl.
    Which pdb?
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    Copy the CDMANVBackup.pdb file from RAM, then use aptedit/winhex to see it.
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    can someone post the files from the update so we can pick and choose what to put in ram on a verizon 700p?

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    Quote Originally Posted by efudd View Post
    can someone post the files from the update so we can pick and choose what to put in ram on a verizon 700p?

    I don't think it will work properly. because you need a "bypass all startup" apps reset.. then load the updated files.. but it doesn't work in practice... Hence a ROM update is needed.

    How can I change the In Progress to "DONE" in the title...?....
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    I'm not following why you cant do it. people have taken programs off the 755 and put them on the 700. So why can't you take off the sprint 700 and put them on the verizon 700?
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    Updates to "system stuff" like BT, lag... can't integrate like that. While Googlemaps, contacts, Home Pop-up button works because they are not tied to the system
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    Oh- so if i say use filez to browse the rom- that's not really seeing everything? There's some deeper level "driver" type stuff in the rom?
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    looks like NO ONE ELSE besides sprint and verizon are getting an update:

    from the palm blog today:

    We're sorry, but the Sprint Treo 700p maintenance release (MR) is temporarily unavailable. ... We know this has been a frustrating process for customers and apologize for the inconvenience it may have caused.
    We don't have a target date for when we can make the Treo 700p MR available for Verizon Wireless users.

    Also, we currently don't have plans to issue a MR for other carriers because the ROM software already contains many of the features that are included in the Sprint and Verizon Wireless updates (e.g. many of the Bluetooth improvements and MP3 playback).

    Paul Loeffler - Palm, Inc.
    non PrPrPr $speak$:

    "the other brands are sort of good so screw off."
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    So hence you can use my update


    HARDWARE VERSION "DVT" only!!!!!!

    But nobody seem to care
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    Thanks, Kocoman. Please keep helping us Alltel etc. users out. It seems Palm has officially abandoned us.

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