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  • No problems worked great!

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  • Some problems, but glad I did it. :

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  • |Barely got it to work after much trouble.

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  • Never got it to work. Can't use my phone now. (

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    If you ran the update how did it go? And let me know if there are secrets (below).
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    Sprint rep told me the files posted are corrupt she wishes they would take it down from the web. Her voice is hoarse from talking to extremely upset people all day.
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    The update went fine for me and I am now restoring from the backup done just prior to the update.
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    So far no problems. Ben
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    Got the "update complete" just like the others, still version 1.08. (using the hotsync method) Ran into the reset/digitizer calibration loop that has been reported by many.

    Tried the no-battery/charger reset as suggested in another thread and did the upgrade using an SD card. Worked fine using the SD-method.

    For those wondering about NVBackup restore; yes, I was able to restore from my most recent NVBackup file, made just before the upgrade.

    Hope this saves others from experiencing the same problems. I would recommend using the SD card upgrade method at least until they get the problems sorted out for the hotsync method.
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    lag stiil there, but unit seems faster. sms and hanging up on calls is quicker.
    good luck
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    bump, more poll voters please
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    Used the SD install method, and didnt do a hard-reset before I started. I did use a newly formatted 1gb SD card. I backed up my data via Hotsync & restored it using the same. No problems at all for me.
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    Never got it to work.(period) says "unsupported device" and before some genius ask if I have a verizon phone.. I do not. I have a sprint treo 700P. and before I started I checked the Phone Info and it said -/1108/108.

    p.s. I didnt really care for the update much. I guess the treo 700p just does alot of things I was willing to live with the device the way it is. So, in other words... i'm still happy MR or no MR
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    Quote Originally Posted by jwardneosoft View Post
    Sprint rep told me the files posted are corrupt she wishes they would take it down from the web. Her voice is hoarse from talking to extremely upset people all day.

    That does not sound good!
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    The upgrade itself went smoothly, but every time I tried to sync I would get an endless loop. I started deleting apps from my backup folder and finally got things working. I have lost Google maps and Slingbox. But I think I have every thing else restored.
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    After trying the Hotsync method, and the Treo going into endless reset loop, I stopped the reset loop by pressing and holding up+power+reset hole.

    I finally tried the "card method" and it worked I highly advise every one do the card method first and avoid Hotsyc at all cost.
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    Did the backup to Hotsync, backup with backupbuddy, hard reset, update via hotsync; 38 minutes later had a perfectly update to 1.10 Treo 700p.

    Only thing that changed for me is that now if I turn off bluetooth so that I can use my headset with my PS3, I can turn it back on after I get done and it connects and gives me audio. That was the only problem I was having before the update and now it's fixed!!!!!
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    Update went flawless. Sprint 700p is fully operational here, no lag on the favorites menu to phone app/main screen, its all good.
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    There was already a poll on the same topic here:
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