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    Heres the background info.

    • Backed up using BackupBuddy

    • Performed hard reset

    • Installed MR via hotsync cable with no problems

    • Restored settings with BackupBuddy (got error saying bluetooth prefs would NOT be restored..which is a good thing I think)

    So here's the speed comparison. (Speed tests performed at dslreports using 600k file every time and each test was performed 5 times in a row.)

    Test #1 After a hard reset but before MR installation
    362 kbit/s
    358 kbit/s
    289 kbit/s
    307 kbit/s
    383 kbit/s

    Average = 339.8 kbit/s

    Test #2 After MR installation
    379 kbit/s
    337 kbit/s
    214 kbit/s
    369 kbit/s
    380 kbit/s

    Average = 335.8 kbit/s

    Test #3 After restoring all my apps and prefs

    223 kbit/s
    330 kbit/s
    330 kbit/s
    223 kbit/s
    343 kbit/s

    Average = 289.8
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    I don't think anyone thought that the speed of downloading would increase, more that the speed of entering and exiting Blazer has sped up.

    Its mostly a CPU limitation in rendering, thats probably why the speed decreased for you after installing all your apps.

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