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    I just received my Samsung WEP200, in a sealed box. I have it paired with my Treo 755, it shows in the Trusted Devices but it will not connect to the phone during a call. I've restarted the phone, deleted the device and paired again. Is there some trick to this light-weight headset or is it not compatible with the Treo 755?
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    More info...After trying to get the headset to connect it appears to be the 755's problem. When making a phone call the phone screen shows the BT as connected but by the time the Hold/Keypad/Mute buttons appear the BT icon has switched back to speaker phone.

    When I go back to the BT settings on the phone the WEP200 is still a trusted device and under "details", the most recent connection correlates with my last call.

    Any other 755 owners have a similar experience?
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    I have a 680, but I assume this is the problem:

    Under Preferences, choose the "Hands-Free" link.

    Check "Always route call to Hands-Free".

    Try it.
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    Try turning BT on and off and try resetting the phone. Also, make sure that your WEP200 is fully charged.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I'll give them a go and report back.

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