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    iambic acquires MegaDoc
    iambic, Inc. announced the acquisition of MegaDoc, word processing software for Palm OS devices, from Megasoft2000.
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    Megadoc has always been an interesting product. However, when I was testing it early this year it was unstable. Wordsmith by Blue Nomad is the superior product in my mind. Blue Nomad has rapidly improved their product. They will need to continue at that pace, given the creation of competing "office suites" and bundling arrangements.

    PS They can not raise the level of tech support. It is already one the very best in the business.
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    I'm with Oliver99. I tried MegaDoc for a couple of days, but it was (1) slow and (2) had a clumsy user interface -- looked as if it had been designed for a Windows interface, and then barely touched when it was moved to the Palm.

    The quality, features and outstanding support of WordSmith makes it tough for me to see leaving Blue Nomad's product for any other. (Not that I'm dissuading anyone from trying, though.)
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    MegaDoc does not hold a candle to Blue Nomad's WordSmith. Still, I am holding out on registering WordSmith (don't really need a word processir this very moment) until I see what I iambic has in store.
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    I can't believe anyone takes MegaDoc seriously. The program is huge, buggy, provides little useful markup, and doesn't follow Palm UI guidelines. Why Iambic didn't put the effort into getting Iambic Reader to support editing instead I don't know.
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