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    I'm hoping someone can help me. I'm running Kimona 4EX 4.1.2 on a Treo 700p. It's been running fine but today I did the MR update for the Treo. Since then, I'm unable to see any videos within Kimona. The sound is fine, but I just can't see any videos if it's streaming from Kimona or being played from my SD card. Does anyone have any ideas on fixing this? Can Kimona even be reloaded?

    Thanks for your help ahead of time.
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    This sounds similar to something I experienced on my 755p when playing around trying to get the NFL video clips to play (see "Kinoma/NFL video clip workaround" thread in this forum). What precipitated the problem for me was deleting (well, moving from internal memory to the card) a file called "kinomaVideoMPEG4Lib" (created 2/12/07). This left behind another version of this file in ROM (created 11/15/06). When I tried to play YouTube clips, I would get audio but no video. Moving the 2/12/07 version of the file back into RAM fixed the problem for me.

    I wonder if the MR overwrites the version of this file in RAM with the older version that comes with the embedded version of Kinoma. Do you have a file utility (FileZ, etc.)? If so, you might want to check this. If the 2/12/07 version of the file is missing, and you can restore it to RAM from a previous backup, maybe that will fix the problem.

    Or, you know, it could be something entirely different.

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    Skydog, I just saw your other thread, and read your reply here. You are absolutely right! I got the file from a previous backup, did as you suggested and things are working fine again! I really appreciate your help. The MR must do as you said, overwriting the file. I think I'm lucky you were familiar with this file and your NFL and video experiences.

    Many thanks!
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    My filez said the file in question has never been backed up so I deleted and reinstalled Kinoma and it seem to restore the video. Would have been easier to just update the one file. Thanks for getting to the bottom of the no video issue. This update has been a pain in the arse. Overall the phone works marginaly better but it was a hassle to get everything just right again. I lost a p-tunes purchase code in the update. Anybody else have that problem. Luckily I had it readily available.
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    Hey folks -

    Glad I could help. dlai (and anyone else who hasn't already), you might consider re-installing Kinoma again anyway. There are also other Kinoma files on my Treo with older versions in ROM (dated 11/15/06) and newer versions in RAM (dated 2/9/07). These files are:


    I assume the MR also overwrote these files. I don't know what (if any) problems might ensue, but you probably want the newer versions (hey, you paid for them). I guess you could just manually restore these files to RAM too, like with the MPEGLib.


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