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    Can someone point me to where I can find info on how to use my (mono) bluetooth headset to listen to audio files (ie ptunes, etc.)? So far I have not been able to figure this out. My headset makes calls fine, but playing songs with ptunes results in silence on bothe the bluetooth headset and the palm. I am using a Motorola H500 sold by sprint. Thanks.
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    Sadly Palm is holding us back from listening to music on the bluetooth headsets grrrr >.< Thats why I'm forced to use wired headsets.
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    That is disappointing. There was a program called "HeadCold" That I used to use to listen to my Treo 600 through the plug in phone headset. Too bad there isn't anything like that for bluetooth. It seems silly to me to walk around with a thing hanging off my ear (the BT headset) when I'm not listening to anything.
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    get the audio gateway from Works like a champ. You need a headset that supports A2DP.
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    Yep...I use my Motorola S9 with the 755p just fine through the audio gateway.
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    SAG + BT8010 for mono BT listening
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    Any mono headset plus Treo750 + hannip's hack
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    scottymomo, this is the 755 Forum, what's it matter if you can use the mono headset with a 750? Should we sell our new 755's?

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