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    • Some users on the forums are reporting improved performance, especially in application switching and in Blazer.
    • Some users are reporting that installing the updater puts them in a reset loop. The Sprint Updater guide describes a reset loop scenario involving language settings, but that doesn't seem to describe the scenario for most users. Some are reporting that they are able to escape the reset loop by removing their battery, leaving the phone plugged in, and resetting the phone.
    • Many users are reporting that Google Maps 1.0.0 is broken with the new MR, but deleting the app and downloading the latest version from Google (1.1.1) resolves the problem.
    • The new Contacts app includes a "Map" button, a la the 755p, but Google Maps is not included in the phone. Using the "Map" button without Google Maps installed results in a phone reset.
    • Bluetooth DUN hack apparently still works.
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    Wow- doesn't seem to fix much... I've got Verizon so maybe things will be better (holding breath)
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    the phone is faster from any app to another app...not just coming out of blazer... and i have not had a single lag since the update.

    also, my panasonic land line to cell convergence is now working! that is HUGE for m.
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    I had no problems with mine before, and thats still the case. I honestly haven't noticed any changes other than the map/ recent apps functionality included in rom.

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