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    According to this poll (, 72% of folks were able to update their Treos; according to this poll (, 72% of respondents were glad that they updated; a similar percentage of folks were happy with their Treos even prior to the MR update.

    I don't see why Palm is under any obligation to provide roll-back / reversion files in case a small niche market of folks are unhappy with the update.
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    Because they should be just like any other company would do.

    Look at any company that makes some sort of software. If something doesn't work, guess what, you can always resort back to some older version that DOES work.

    Was Blazer slow? Sure
    Did it take forever to switch between apps? Sure

    Did my phone crash everytime I tried to switch hotsync options? NO

    The point here (for me) is that the others work, but not 100%

    The last one doesn't work period, and why would I want to keep an MR on my phone that doesn't allow me to switch from cable to BT when I sync? That is a HUGE part of the phones capabilities. And if I cant use them (seeing how I use it lots) it does me no good to keep the phone.

    I had absolutely NO resets and NO problems with anything crashing until this got installed. I guess i'll be doing install number 3 on the MR after I delete every app. And if that doesn't work, i'm getting a new Treo.

    It shows 27% unsuccessful and IMHO that is a huge number. Too big for them not to at least post the older version.

    I mean almost 30% in anything not happy is poor poor poor. 30% of children are Obese. Actually the number is 33% in real life, so that means 1 in 3 children are FAT and have problems or will. In my area of study, that number is beyond belief, and what I call something to worry about. Obviously that number will rise, but 30% none the less in what ever is **** poor.
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    What Os is more Stable...Garnet or WM5
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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewAz View Post
    Quite frankly you are just speaking out of your *** and nothing more. Show me the specs that have been posted by apple. Thing is its all speculation and no one has the full 100% answer.

    "keyboard" looks fine to me... At least it has auto word completion...
    I've used onscreen keyboards on my Treo, and on my DS, and both suck, and would still suck even if they were larger. People have also said that the laser keyboard attachment for the Treo is horrible not because it doesn't work, but because there's no physical response. What makes you think that magically Apple can fix this? Its not like its a software issue with the keyboard, its that you're not actually pressing any keys. No amount of programming on their part can change that.
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