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    I think I broke a new record for a phone replacement.. My last record goes to my 700p that lasted an entire 12-14 hours then the radio just went dead. The new record belongs to the 755p who was all of 30 mins old when I realized the 8/C key did not work... Went to the store and swapped it out.
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    Hey hey, be easy when your typing in those 800 numbers hehe, sorry to hear that though, that sucks. Nah mine is good -knocks on wood- and hopefully stays that way just like my old trusty 650
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    im on my first...
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    Second one is on the way, I've had my phone about a week when I had to call to get a replacement sent out. Tried the headphone jack for the first time when I finally got around to tranferring music to my new mini-SD card but something is wrong with the 2.5mm jack on my phone. Plays perfectly out of one speaker but cuts in an out of the other with the slightest movement of the cord or phone. Tried with two other headsets, same result, so here comes the replacement phone.

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