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    I was wondering if there's a way to export all contact from 680 to the SIM card. I need to back it up. Thanks.
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    I think you have to copy them one at a time. Backing up with a backup app to the SD card and hot syncing keeps them backed up, too...
  3. #3 I was hoping to hear there was a way to easily copy all entries to a SIM card as well.

    While the backup to my computer is great, I want to be able to copy all the entries to my SIM so when I switch it to another phone I'll have them.
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    I think Christina is right. This has come up before and the answer always is, you can only add contacts one at a time. It seems no one has figured out a way to add them all at once.

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    There's also a limit to the number of contacts a sim will hold and how much info is in each contact.
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