View Poll Results: Did the MR fix bluetooth, leave it the same, or make it worse?

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  • Bluetooth is much much better. (Better)

    20 43.48%
  • It fixed some bluetooth compabilities, but broke others. (Same as before)

    7 15.22%
  • It's now even more incompatible with everything I have. (Worse)

    19 41.30%
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    ...or just make them worse?

    I ask because I just want to know, since this was the biggest issue with the 700p, has it been fixed? Also, anyone with a JX-10 or the like, does the phone still reset on incoming calls when it's paired to it?
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    anyone have good results with this headset? Dang frustrating! still canhear just fine but no one can hear me at all.
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    Before update I had all of the BT problems, but I could make a phone call (if I could get the phone to stay paired with the headset) and I could use SAG for upwards of 30 mins at a time before a reset.

    Now, after the update, I have NO AUDIO during a phone call using the headset. The phone seems to tenaciously connect to the headset, but sometimes the phone doesn't forward the call to the headset while other times it does (light blue vs. dark blue headset icon up near the signal strength bars), but, regardless, there is no audio actually coming from the headset.

    SAG, however, streams audio just fine. Until I make or take a call, then when the music restarts (via PocketTunes), the audio has a harsh shrieking overtone that makes the audio unusable until I reboot the phone. Before the update, if I got a call or made a call while streaming to the headset from PocketTunes via SAG, the music would not restart after the call ended, nor could it be without a restart.

    I tested to see if this could be something to do with a conflict with one or more of my apps that I restored from backup after the update by doing a hard reset and then pairing the headset and attempting a call. Unfortunately, no change; the symptoms are exactly the same with a clean phone.

    Oh well. I'm done with Treos forever. It's been real.
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    Jawbone- connects to phone really slow now (I can hear audio through the phone before it connects) and is constantly losing connection and beeping in my ear now...

    AX2 Pro- connects fine, but no audio unless I press the button on the headset

    JX-10- I haven't tried this yet since my phone had been crashing on incoming calls with it before the update.

    Palm needs to be kicked in the nuts...
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    OK, I'm gong to backtrack a little... As donric609 pointed out in another thread, there is a new system preference to automatically route audio to the headset WHICH IS NOT CHECKED by default. Checking it solved my audio issues with both headsets...
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    I checked the box; no change, other than the phone will auto-answer incoming calls. But, still no audio.
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    wow.....heh....just wow.
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    My Jabra Jx10 worked fine before & now. The issue I had before was if I turned the bluetooth on the Treo off & then on again, the headset would not connect. it would show the icon as connected but would not connect. I had to soft reset the Treo to get a headset to connect again. I had to leave bluetooth on (on treo) at all times. I could turn the headset on & off with no problems. NOW after the MR, all is normal. I can turn bluetooth on & off on Treo & headset will connect just fine.
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    Same as treoneo. Never had issues with phone resetting when getting an incoming call on the Jabra JX10. Just had issues where it would not automatically paired back up once it lost pairing. I would have to hit the answer button to "wake" the Treo back up. It seems like the MR update has resolved this issue. Haven't tested enough to know about outgoing sound quality. Before the MR update, I could hear very clearly, but the receiving end always complained about sound quality.

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    My pre-MR phone used to work well with my 2007 Rav-4 with JBL audio (only problem was that caller ID info was not passed correctly to the radio display).

    After the MR, however, my phone was not detected and I could not re-pair (I hard-reset, deleted all trusted devices, etc. with no effect).

    The strange part is, the phone THINKS it is paired. That is, the phone sees the car and requests that I enter the car radio code into the phone, after which the phone indicates a successful pairing. However, the car does not seem to recognize this as it keeps indicating it is "searching" for a device after the phone indicates pairing is complete.
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    The only problem I had with my 2006 Infiniti and the bluetooth was that the caller ID showed the wrong number. It showed the number of the previous caller instead of the current caller. Now I get a better signal BUT, I still have the caller ID problem and now I cannot make outgoing phone calls.
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    I had really bad static and terrible pairing with my JX-10 before the MR. Now the sound is very clear, but I've had it drop pairing a few times. I'm still working with it as I'm a little new to using a bluetooth headset.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Merlyn_3D View Post
    ...or just make them worse?

    I ask because I just want to know, since this was the biggest issue with the 700p, has it been fixed? Also, anyone with a JX-10 or the like, does the phone still reset on incoming calls when it's paired to it?

    No offense - but I think a fairer question - and more to the point of the
    success of the MR would be:

    gotten better or worse".

    The problem in the past was that devices that Palm "approved" as fully
    compatible, were not.

    Specifically in my case, a Jabra JX-10.

    Whis is NOW fully compatible. I have seen no "mystery resets" to date,
    but will reply back in a week or more once I've truly tested the thing.

    They also added compatibility with the car I drive, but that's a bonus.

    (Of course, one does have to wonder why they didn't have BMW compat.
    earlier since a goodly number of Palm people drive Bimmers)

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    Never really had any issues before.
    The only difference I've noticed is that I have to reconnect my BT (turn the headset off then on after a soft reset. I never had to do that before.
    Good Luck
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    Works much better than before on my Sony HBH-660 will not disconect like before..
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    It seems from this feedback that Palm knew that the 700p was f'd no matter how they try to fix it. They waited a year and EOL'd the thing before releasing the "fix" which doesn't even seem to get it to the 755's standard. I guess we bend over and pay Palm again for the 755 if we want bluetooth headsets to finally work, and hope someone sues their pants off for falsely claiming the thing offers BT headset capabilities.

    Oh well, at least they have Bono and the Fooleo to distract most people from the fact the 700p was a ripoff.
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    You need to add another option for those that had no issues before the MR.

    The only thing the MR did to my blue-tooth was caused me to have to re-pair my headset for the first time in 14 months.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Merlyn_3D View Post
    ...or just make them worse?

    I ask because I just want to know, since this was the biggest issue with the 700p, has it been fixed? Also, anyone with a JX-10 or the like, does the phone still reset on incoming calls when it's paired to it?
    Didn't you get rid of your 700p? Didn't you say you were never going to get another one? If so then why do you care?

    Seems like a little fire stoking to me............
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    the fact that now i can't make calls with BT headset while my treo is pluged in to Seidio car kit breaks it all - i wish i could go back
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    I never really had any major BT "pairing" problems prior to the update. After the update all of my BT device names were now shown in HEX (maybe NVBackup failed to restore one of the BT files?).

    I eventualy had to delete all items listed under Trusted Devices and re-pair my Moto H700. I heard about the new handsfree BT setting but struggled to find it since it wasn't in the BT setup app. Now it seems to be working as well or better than before the update with my headset. I haven't done any testing yet with my BT GPS or BT Keyboard.
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