View Poll Results: Did the MR fix bluetooth, leave it the same, or make it worse?

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  • Bluetooth is much much better. (Better)

    20 43.48%
  • It fixed some bluetooth compabilities, but broke others. (Same as before)

    7 15.22%
  • It's now even more incompatible with everything I have. (Worse)

    19 41.30%
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    Maybe we rushed Palm too much - "only" taking a year to patch the bluetooth must have had them cutting some corners to meet such an aggressive schedule.

    Once again, the users perform first day beta testing for Palm. You'd think that after we went through a similar pattern with the Treo 650 they'd learn to do some realistic testing first. Apparently - nope.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lndshrk View Post

    No offense - but I think a fairer question - and more to the point of the
    success of the MR would be:

    gotten better or worse".

    The problem in the past was that devices that Palm "approved" as fully
    compatible, were not.

    Specifically in my case, a Jabra JX-10.

    Whis is NOW fully compatible. I have seen no "mystery resets" to date,
    but will reply back in a week or more once I've truly tested the thing.

    They also added compatibility with the car I drive, but that's a bonus.

    (Of course, one does have to wonder why they didn't have BMW compat.
    earlier since a goodly number of Palm people drive Bimmers)

    Well I don't trust that compatibility list given that using the headsets that were on there before the MR would result in a reboot on some incoming calls. I don't consider that compatible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vMAC View Post
    Didn't you get rid of your 700p? Didn't you say you were never going to get another one? If so then why do you care?

    Seems like a little fire stoking to me............
    Quite right, I did ditch the 700p. After many months of frustration, though, I do want to see how this will all end. Plus, I still have a couple friends (that I convinced to get the 700p long ago) and I would like to know how to help them.
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