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    So, after I installed the MR - I now get this touch tone sound coming out of the ear peice at the same time as the system sound. Does anyone know how I can shut this thing off? I ended up having to do a hard reset so if this is an option that I once turned off a long time ago, I forgot where to disable it.


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    I'm glad you posted this... it thought I was going crazy. I hear the usual system beep, but I also hear a touch-tone sound at the same time... as if I had accidentially hit the phone dial pad.
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    Thank god it's not just me! thought I was losing it too.
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    same thing here too.. I'm not losing my mind either.. nice..
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    I have the same thing too.
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    Another similar issue regarding a new sound, is that when I open TomTom, my GPS will eventually connect (I wish there was a preference in TomTom to choose which device was the GPS, so it wouldn't keep trying to pair to my roommate's computer) and give the messaging alert noise that I have set, where it never did that before.
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    God, thank you! After about 45 mins with no responses, I was going crazy thinking it was just me.

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    I thought one of the dozen gadgets I own around my desk was running out of battery or something.
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    check the 755p threads, they do the same, random touch tone sound.

    Does it happen when a text message comes in as well? touch tone drowns out half of the actual alert?
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    Me too. That's really obnoxious!
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    Speaking of sounds, has anyone else encountered broken ring tones? I have had multiple ringtones that I converted from various .wav files and after the MR these tones no longer work.
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    Has anyone who has applied the MR NOT experienced this touch tone sound?
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    It's a feature, not a bug...LOL

    Yup, getting those annoying touch tone beeps, too.
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    The touchtone is messing up the notification sounds. Rather than getting two clear *BEEP BEEP* from a text message, i get a touchtone noise, 1 muffled beep, then a normal *BEEP*.

    It's REALLY annoying!
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    Same here, even with the ringer on the off position. More annoying then helpful.
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    ha! welcome to our(755p users) world...
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeElmendorf View Post
    Has anyone who has applied the MR NOT experienced this touch tone sound?
    I haven't.......... yet
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    Regarding ringtones you need to redo them as mp3s and convert them with MusicTones. It works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajabbari View Post
    I haven't.......... yet
    Ok, just noticed the sound.... it seems to be right after certain system noises (for example the standard beep sound) but not after all sounds for me.
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