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    Quote Originally Posted by italiangspot View Post
    want to hear the tone, go to send a text message and dial more than 160 characters ,u will here the touch tone sound everytime u press a keyboard key once u reached the max 160 characters
    Pressing the space bar while in the phone app produces the same results. Sucks!
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    Add me to this list. Palm, you suck.
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    From another thread: Palm has reduced the loudest volume from 8 (Loud) to 7 on the alerts preferences page after the MR. This my sms alert (chirp) isn't nearly as loud as it was.
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    I am pretty sure the volume numbers haven't changed any (max has always been 7- but now it comes with a stupid warning message). You can't hear your alert for two reasons: The DTMF issue will mute part of the real alert sound, and then on top of that, now the alert sounds are ramped up in volume from nothing to the set volume over the course of a second. So, as you have found out, these two issues in tandem have pretty much rendered all of the short alerts useless....

    I'm surprised there hasn't been more of an uproar over this... Am I one of the only people here that uses alerts and alarms on a regular basis?! I feel like Palm destroyed a significant functionality that I relied on here... So now I have to either deal with the short muffled alerts or long obnoxious ones...

    Palm just keeps digging that hole...
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    count me in. I'm plagued by this bug as well.
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    Even with ringers, its annoying that it doesn't listen to my escalate volume setting.
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    Yeah, I used the alerts all the time and I'm really annoyed by this bug.
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    Thought I wasn't suffering from this bug, but it appears I am.
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    Anybody know which file(s) in ROM would control the audio alerts? Could we possibly copy those files from the original ROM and fix this problem?

    **UPDATE** I figured it out and have been able to fix the alert volume problem. Still get touchtone, but alert plays at full volume. See my thread at:
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    So I had to go pretty bad and ended up sitting in a public restroom for a few minutes. Decided to pull out my Treo to play a game while I passed the time. Every time I touched the screen or issued a command in the game it made the sound, even with the sound off! In a quiet bathroom that little *beep*beep*beep* is really noticeable. I quickly turned it off - guess my favorite toilet pastime is gone.
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    I had this same issue after I did the Mr...

    But after I followed the instructions here:
    it not only improved the volume issue, but the annoying beeps went away!!!!
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    Well, the DTMF tones in the earpiece are still there, but this is still a major improvement.

    You can test this out by going to the sound prefs and selecting "manage". When you click on any of the sounds, there will be a "beep" in the earpiece. If you don't think you hear it (because you are somewhere loud), try moving the slider on the top of the phone to "mute" and put your ear near the phone and click on one of the sounds again. You should still get a "beep" in the earpiece.
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    Has anyone tried replacing the phone app to see if it fixes the dtmf tone? I may try this next.

    Unfortunatly, I fear that since the dtmf beep doesn't seem to be related to the volume escalation as originally thought, it may be much harder to fix. If it's in the Phone app or other significant part of the system, simply downgrading might not be possible without causing other problems.
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    I think it was already determined that the tones were tied to the function of the phone radio. When it's off, the tones are gone. Plus, what other function of the Treo pumps sound through the earpiece? I would be surprised if simply replacing the phone application would solve it... It might get us back the e-mail indicator though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sideman7 View Post
    ...I would be surprised if simply replacing the phone application would solve it... It might get us back the e-mail indicator though.
    As I said earlier, I wasn't able to hear the tones until I switched from TakePhone to the Palm Dialer/Contact application.

    When I use TakePhone as my primary dialing application I hear no tones.
    Have a great one...Doc D.

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    Well, tried the pre-mr phone application and no luck. Still have the tone. Interesting that it doesn't exist with Takephone though.
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    It seems the tones bug is a function of the native dialer/contact application.

    TakePhone does not open the contact app but rather uses the database to present a custom list of contact to dial. You can get a trial version ( and see if it reduces or eliminates the tones in your phone.
    Have a great one...Doc D.

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    Again, I don't think the DTMF tones issue has anything to do with the dailer, phone or contacts app. The problem is much more deeply routed. I don't think anyone has an issue with keypad making DTMF tones when dialing a number (like any other phone does). If we need silence, we are not going to be making a phone call... The problem is that these tones are emitted when alerts are sounded, and during other operations where they don't belong. The only time they go away is when the phone's radio is shut down, which indicates that it is somehow tied to it's firmware. Unfortunately, using another dialer like TakePhone doesn't change this...
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    Just a bit of additional info. When I run the hardware audio test with ##HWTST# (for Sprint), I do NOT hear the stupid touchtone.
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    OK, one more thing. It sounds as though the stupid touchtone sound is the "*" key.

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