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    Son of a...Of course now I find out this has been a problem. I recently updated my 700p and I'm getting the annoying touchtone sound. Can't belive thsi has been going on since friggin June and still no fix for it.
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    Yea. I was getting it after doing the MR myself.
    Then it disappear but would rest using my bluetooth at times.
    I took it to the store to get the MR and the touch tone came back and interfered with my Iphone like

    Sprint Business offered me and upgrade to a shiny new 755p or a Centro.
    I chose the Centro, although I love to 700p, its simply time to move on from this device.
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    Is there yet a fix (loading stuff from the old ROMs) for a Verizon 700p? I see that there are some old files you can load, but they seem to be for Sprint.

    This DTMF thing is driving me crazy.
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    No fix yet.
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    There will probably never be a fix, at least that is what a technical rep from Palm who came into our office said.
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    For those who find this thread like I did, this problem can be fixed by reflashing the 700p ROM with the 755p image by using Kocoman's method on this forum for Sprint phones or MiDoJo's method (available at for Verizon phones.
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