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    I don't see any posts about the 755p for VZW. I am in a bind... I cracked the screen on my 650, so I need something soon. But I can't see spending $350 to renew a 2-year deal for a 700p. Used ones on eBay are almost as much! I can't switch to Sprint. I chatted with Palm support, and he said "755p will be available on Verizon very soon." Anyone know how soon? For now I brought my Tungsten T5 out of retirement, but I don't know how long I can stand not having a functional Treo.
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    755p for vzw is 3-4 months away

    id just buy a used 650..iv seen em as cheap as $100
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    I've seen some people saying June, some saying more like October. I hope the earlier date is true, as my 650 is showing its age, and its battery is on the verge of becoming unusable. Like you, I don't see the point in paying to replace my current Treo with already outdated technology when something new should be right around the corner, and all the other carriers now have better phones. Between the 700p MR and the 755p, Verizon better catch up soon.

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