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    JAckBack Image just forced me to reformat my 16mg Flash card. I had a recent backup of it using USB File Mover. However, when I start USBFile Mover on my PC and VPR, I can select the files on the PC and the COPY button becomes Highlighted, but it will not move them to the Right side window in USB File Mover on my PC.

    Anyone know what I am doing wrong?
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    If the USB file mover you are referring to is the one from Card Access, it will only work, fully, with the Thinmodem and Thinmodem+. It will not allow you to copy files/apps back to a standard 8 or 16MB flash Springboard modules. Sorry for the bad news.

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    Yes thats the USB File Mover I am talking about. Well I guess I know I have the files. Not sure if I can move them or access them in USB File Mover.

    I did have backupbuddy backing up my flash cards and it just completed a restore. I did a hard reset to make it easier.

    I will post and let everyone know how it went.
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    Backup Buddy did not restore anything to my Flash memory.
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    Backup Buddy cannot automatically restore to SpringBoard Modules (according to the manual this is due to "limitations in the current HotSync architecture"). The manual does, however, give instructions on how to restore to a module(page 24). Basically, you have to re-install the applications from the backup director where BB copied them and then copy them to the module. You might be able to use USB Mover to copy them to you VPR. This might be quicker than hotsyncing and installing.
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    Thanks. I read that in the BB manual. The USB mover will not work in reverse with the 16mg card. Evidently it only works with the THinmodem.

    I am attempting a reinstall of my VPR and then I will have to reinstall portions of the module backup, transfer them to the module and then repeat. There is no way to go direct from PC backup to the module.

    BackupBuddy, I would luv if when I did a hard reset, it would restore to the VPR main and directly to the springboard card. Enhancement idea if you are reading these posts! thanks

    P.S. from prior experience, I have a copy of my PALM directory in the event of failures during my restore.
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    Originally posted by PDACPA
    BackupBuddy, I would luv if when I did a hard reset, it would restore to the VPR main and directly to the springboard card.
    Keep in mind that BackupBuddy is really designed to restore your handheld in the event of a hard reset. Since Flash modules aren't affected by them, there's no practical reason to restore it while restoring the main RAM.

    I do agree, however, that having the ability to restore directly to a Flash module would be nice as there have been enough reports of them having problems and needing to be reformatted, etc. Even a generic desktop to Flash module FileMover would be nice (notice I didn't specify USB so that all the serial users could benefit from it as well ).
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    Here is why backup Buddy should allow you to restore directly to the card.

    I had to reformat my 16mg card (the card forced this issue). Then in order to restore my data to it, I had to free the memory on my VPR in order to piece meal transfer the files. This in turn lead to duplicate files on both the VPR and the card and I basically had to spend quite a while getting my VPR and card back to the way it was prior to the card reformat.

    I would luv it if BackupBuddy would restore the VPR main RAM and the 16mg card directly. I could have just done a HArd Reset and restored.

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