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    Just got the 3299WW case for my 755p. I mostly go caseless in my pocket, but sometimes I need a case and really liked the 3202WW that I had for my 700p. I couldn't find any posts of anyone having it yet, so I figured I'd post some pics.

    Physically, it's basically the same size as the 3202WW, which actually still fits the 755p just fine. Of course, there's no longer a whole for the antenna now, but the main difference is the addition of an improved belt loop to keep it from sliding off your belt. Also, on the inside is a roughly 2" rubber bumper that keeps the Treo protruding a bit when you open the case for easy removal. Otherwise, it would sit into the case too much, making it difficult to remove.
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    I wish this case opened all the way...
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    can u even feel the phone vibrate or hear the ringer when in this case
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    any other reviews on this case?

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