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    It actually works!

    It took a year, but now it pairs w/in 10 sec or less, I can SEE who is calling me,
    (as opposed to who called me one call ago - ROFL), and I get viable indication
    of signal strength on my IDrive screen.

    Geez, what's next - no silent BT resets?
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    What model/year BMW?
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    2007 335i
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    it works, on and off though, that was my experience
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    I have a 2005 330xi and it is actually worse now after MR. Every 5 or 6 times it pairs, my radio/audio goes silent and I can't turn the radio on or off. I have to disconnect the BT and restart the car to get the radio back...ugh.
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    Prior to MR I had similar issues with BT in my Lexus LS460. Now, post MR, I can see who's calling me and it displays battery meter as well.

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