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    I got a notice twice today that I need to configure vision services. So I say OK and then the phone takes a few minutes to "cancel" out of PowerVision. Then I get an endless wait under the "phone updater" that says "preparing vision services". This morning it stalled for 10 minutes or more, and now it's doing it again this PM. I guess I'll leave it plugged in for an hour and see what happens.

    Anyone know what is going on?
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    I've gotten this a couple times over the last few days. Each time I had to soft reset and then it connected to Power Vision just fine.
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    same deal -- it locks up and requires a soft reset to restore to normal.
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    I had that happen to me the first day I had the phone, but once I allowed it to update, it hasn't happened since.
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    Dont choose "ok". Choose "no" or whatever it says (i forget) and you wont have this problem again.
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    My Treo just started doing this last night. I eventually got a screen that said power vision might not be configured correctly and might now work right. If it happens again I am gonna say no and see if that helps. Thanks Palm Loyal!
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    did it twice for me... hit ok both times.. and seem to work fine now...(you may have to do a soft reset).
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    Did it to me for the first couple days, too. I called sprint and they had me reset the provisioning by dialing ##774. Then entered another code and it hasn't popped up at all since..
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    Thanks TreoJunkie. If it happens again I am gonna try that. Did you call technical support?

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