So here we are, looking at the Sprint fellows trying to install the MR and a few succeding, others failing. All in all, we are on the sidelines but we shall not sit idle. Here's what we are to do:

  • Contact your carrier. Yes I know, this one is a logic step and perhaps a few of us have already contacted them many times for the same reason. This time however we have leveraging power since the MR is out for Sprint, thus we have that as a "bargaining chip" if you will. One thing carriers fear these days is loosing customers. Contact them every day or until the problem is fixed. Refer them to Palm's blog, to the MR webpage for Sprint. If you cannot use the "switching power", perhaps you can use the info as a leverage to get a new phone or some sort of discount. I know it would be better to get the MR but let's use the consumer power to gain something else.
  • Contact Palm support. Pressure on both ends should give us something. As an example, I chatted with a palm tech support guy. My laptop froze before I could copy the chat session but here are the highlights. Please take them with a big grain of salt, as I am sure the techs are telling whatever they can to get rid of angry 700p users:

    - Sprint MR is out (duh!), they (as in Palm) will check out how users install it and if there are any bugs. Once they are confident, they will roll out Verizon's.

    - There is a set date for Verizon release. The rep. was "not authorized to reveal exact dates" but he said there is a date already in place (yeah right).

    - This never-revealed date is just a few days away. The "days" count could mean anything from 3 days to 30 days or more. Anything is just a few days after 365 days (and counting) without any fix.

Making enough noise should get us somewhere. If the Verizon tech support does not work, escalate until you cannot escalate no more. Then write emails or contact the upper echelons of Verizon:

Verizon top executives contact info

But PLEASE, USE THIS INFO AS THE VERY LAST RESORT. I am sure at this point in the game several folk would have reached that level, and it is much more easier to contact top executives with real info in hand, i.e. support ticket numbers, names of tech support that have helped/not, etc.

I am sorry to not have the contact info for other carriers but I am sure if you contact and/or look over the web you may strike gold.

Lets make some noise. Something must give in.