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    I am trying to figure out how to convert a voice memo file that shows an extension of vpad to a wav or mp3 format. I beamed the file to my laptop (windows xp) but nothing I had on there could recognize the file type. I then found a program from Qualcomm that is the ring player for sprint phones (which is the carrier) I am able to play the file in that program for a moment or two before it brings up an error problem that wants to send an error report to microsoft and then shuts the program down. i have a 700p from sprint. the program is called voice memo 1.4 i believe. when I have looked up the file type I have found the letters QCPf. currently the file shows as 5-29-07-6-42-pm-Vpad the file is 6 mb long. I am going crazy with this and could really use some help. I also hotsynced my treo to my palm desktop but could not find a voice memo icon or link. I could only find the file in the backup folder. I have beamed the file to my computer and it currently sits on my desktop waiting for me to do something with it. Any and all help is needed
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    I see there are no responses to this question. I have the same problem. Is there anybody out there that may help?
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    Hi, I'm Paolo from Italy.

    I have a Palm Centro and an Apple Laptop but I've tried to repeat your scenario and I've solved in this way.

    I hope this can help you.

    First of all you can send the "01-02-03"audio memo to your computer via email or via bluetooth.

    So you have on your computer a file called: "18-08-09 8.55" (the date and the time of the memo - these number are the mine).

    If on windows do not appears change the file extension in .amr
    (on my desktop I can see this extension directly)
    (AMR stands for Adaptive Multi Rate)

    Now you can open with QuickTime.

    If you haven't you can download for free from Apple web site.

    With Pro version you can edit, cut, export, etc in a different format, and cut unwanted parts of your memo.

    Certainly there are other windows programs that can open .amr file but I don't know.
    I'm a film editor and we use QuickTime for our solution.

    I hope this can help you,

    sorry for my english.


    Paolo from Italy.

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