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    there are 100s of post and ive tried to weed through but not much luck in finding whats happening to me .... all my missed calls now turn into a "calander task" - the "missed task alert" is draining my battery in just a matter of 9 or so hours (( NO other use of the phone )) - - even without missed call tasks, my battery now last less than 24 hours, from a full charge with no use, just laying on the table - - I made sure my versamail is not autosyncing, i turned off the bluetooth (( which works wonderful w/my jabra 8010 since the MR UPdate )) and i cant find anything else that is running that should drain the battery like this ...

    any one having either the missed call problem or the battery drain?? Any suggestions ideas comments ??

    I read about an app that turns missed/ignored calls into a task. I can't remember the name, but I wonder if you have that installed.
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    It is the new RingCare I think ...
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    The update worked, but luckily I had Resco because several apps/games did not come back on their own, or had lost data. I don't synch my contacts with Outlook, and those had to be brought back from backup.

    My only remaining problem is that my unread email count icon is gone from the phone application, and I can't figure out how to get it back. Anyone else seen this?
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    That's because it was removed for the MR. Apparently for some it caused a lag. Not mine, and I didn't update. If you're not using it, you can always use 2Day, which gives you an unread mail icon and count.
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