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    Does anyone have advice on how to maintain a stable hotsync connection? Within the past two weeks my wife's Treo 650 and my new Treo 755 have both lost their abilty to hotsync ("connection could not be established"). We use separate computers. I do not have time to reinstall Palm Desktop software on both of our computers every weekend. There must be a better way. We make sure the phone is off and that the time/date are not automatically set before we try to hotsync. Also, any advice on the most efficient way to re-establish the connection (what HAS to be removed, reinstalled, etc.). Thanks.
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    Are you syncing with bluetooth or the USB cable? Have you both installed a program recently or updated a program recently?
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    Make sure the cable is plugged in the entire way.
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    I am using USB cables. Nothing changed. In both cases, there were no updates, no program installations. I checked the cables--both are secure. Even tried swapping out the cable for a different one, but no luck.
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    Is the hotsync icon showing in the bottom right corner by the clock? I've found that sometimes it doesn't startup like it's suppossed to. Try starting it manually. It's usually a problem with your PC and not the Treo, as you can deduct from it happening to both your's and your wife's phones.
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    for a 650: toothbrush, firm bristles.
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    oh, and on a monthly maintenance cycle is what works for me. make a task item for it.

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