I recently read Steve Sinclair's post on the Palm blog site. Steve is the Treo Product Manager:


I had some suggestions for Steve that I thought could use some beefing up. I have enclosed my reply to his blog (below) and would welcome any other messages be added by other loyal Treo fans.


Steve, Time For Two New Posts - Please.

FIRST NEEDED POST: Update on the 700P

I think most of us would like some details on the 700P maintenance release:

1) When is the revised Sprint MR Deployment Schedule for the 700p

2) When is the updated release date for the Verizon 700P MR

3) Are there release dates for Other Carriers on the 700P platform?

4) Can Palm please provide details on what the MR will mean in terms of Bluetooth third party hardware? Will there be a list of 'Treo 700p Certified' bluetooth devices (there should be). Concurrently, which Bluetooth conventions will be supported with this MR?

5) What other devices will now work with the 700p now that did not previously work? As an example, will the 700p now support high capacity SD cards? If not, will the highly publicised 'patch' (taking the 750 driver) still work?

6) Would Palm provide a list of the programs it 'beta tested' against the 700P MR so we in the real-world can understand what software should work well?

7) Finally, after waiting a year, 700P users should be entitled to know what Palm chose to omit from this maintenance release and why.

8) Will key software for linking the 700P with the desktop come with the MR? Since I have had the 700P, I have been unable to sync with either my Windows XP Media Center OS or migrate to Vista (Wireless Sync from Verizon does not yet work with either Vista or Outlook 2007!). Having to make desktop OS choices based on which phone I use seems a bit rediculous, No?

2ND NEEDED POST: Show that Palm cares about the Treo Community by actively solliciting their involvement in the bug discovery and resolution process.

It would seem that Palm is somewhat 'Paranoid' about acknowledging bugs and the need to fix them. Though there are forums out there, they generally arose out of Palm's public silence on support. Palm's response to forum issues appears to have been a function of Palm 'lurkers' scanning sites for issues rather than support managers seeking an honest and candid dialog with customers.

Palm needs to do more than host a site and provide an occasional word from the desk of a senior product manager.

The Beta program is a good example of this shortcomming. In the initial post of this Blog, Steve referred to a team of internal and external beta testers. Who are these testers and why are they so silent in the forums? Why is it seemingly impossible for folks like us to join this beta program?

Palm's silence on key support issues does not make Treo users feel comforted by Palm, rather the opposite. We dedicated users have come to believe that Palm is NOT interested in supporting existing platforms, rather devoting all technical resources to developing new platforms.

Steve, Please disprove that through words that resonate and deeds that deliver.

Thank you.