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    Hi there!
    I got a problem with my Treo 680. My Simcard didn't work so I tried the one of my girlfriend. She had various SMS saved on her card and my treo copied them (without askingk ) in its memory and deleted them from the card. Naturally my girlfriend would like to have her messages back.
    I allready contacted Palm support. They said it ain't possible, but that there is third party software, which could do it, but they ain't allowed to tell me which. I allready searched the internet for a long time and couldn't find a thing.
    So what I'm looking for is a tool which can move the messages on my treo back to the simcard.
    If anybody could help me I would be grateful.

    Greetings Matz
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    why don't you just copy the massage and then just sms it back to her

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