The question:

Does anyone know how/why the touchscreen calibration is affected by the Saved Preferences?

The problem:

My 700 seems to lose its calibration every time the screen goes off.

This has happened on multiple occasions on and off, seeming to happen once I've installed new software, and each time resulting in me doing a hard reset and starting from scratch.

The solution:

This weekend, after deleting what I believed to be the offending new software, the problem still occurred BUT once I deleted the Saved Preferences file(the whole file, not just the one that pertains to this piece of software,) the problem stopped. Of course I had to reenter ALL of my registration codes, but it alleviates the frustration of having to revisit the digitizer each time I want to use the device.

The question restated:

What is the connection between the Saved Preferences and the touchscreen calibration?