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    One nice thing (in general) is I never did the BT PAM hack before. and it works great as I'm using it now. Nice not having to rely on wifi when I'm in a pinch.
    Yeah Ive been using that a lot lately. I just went on vacation to DC and then to New York for 2 weeks and in DC the hotel had free internet which is rare but in New York I had to pay but instead of paying I was able to just use my PAM and it was pretty fast for what I needed
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    No problems in Phoenix, switched to roaming only and fired up musicdock, XM is steaming fine. EVDO and everything

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    Did the SD install without big problems. Actually did it a few times and restored from a backup without restoring some files. Random resets are down maybe 50% Blazer lag is much less frequent, but still gives 30 second delays frequently. Overall it is more snappy and the phone app in particular. I no longer keep hitting thigns twice in the phone app, thinking it didn't register, then finding out it did and calling someone accidentally. Although it killed the hack "test7" that kept away that annoying popup at the end of every call. I would say overall it is a significant improvement. Now the phone is only annoyingly buggy-on the level of what may have been acceptable when released assuming an updater would have come out a couple months later. But there will probably never be an updater after this, and the 700p remains a POS. I hope the iPhone is 3G by the time my sprint contract ends in a year.
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    I have never ever had a 30 second lag with blazer... and that seems almost impossible post MR. I'd wonder about your phone's hardware
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    Post #744, make sure you delete the cookies file from the previous blazer. It's probably being loaded with the loading of your backup.

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    I deleted all Blazer related files and Preferences and it is very fast now....I just had to redo my Bookmarks and reenter a few passwords.
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    Just to throw my 2 cents in on the upgrade experience. I was having slight lag and bluetooth problems before the MR (not nearly as bad as many, but definitely not perfect). I did the update via hotsync after an NV backup, followed by a hard reset, then a restore of the NV backup after the MR was installed.

    Doing this, the problems became slightly worse then pre-MR and I was mad like everyone else.

    I then decided to try the SD card method after a hard reset, when the SD card method of MR update was applied, I did fresh app installs, rather than restoring a backup, and I must say, my 700p is now PERFECT. No lags, BT drops, P-tunes issues, etc. Plus I gained about 13MBs of space on my RAM.

    Hope this is helpful to someone that might otherwise be very frustrated.
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    I am trying to copy the MR on my SD card and keep on getting the error there is no application to handle this installer. What application do I need to do this?
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    After successfully installing MR via SD Method, all was great until yesterday when my phone rebooted and the "Access Powered" screen appeared... No loop - just the access powered screen doesn't go any further... Sprint to replace phone... Holding off updating until revised MR has been released...
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    I just noticed the green blinky light doesn't work anymore...
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    Quote Originally Posted by frediev View Post
    I am trying to copy the MR on my SD card and keep on getting the error there is no application to handle this installer. What application do I need to do this?
    First make sure you have the correct MR file version, there is one for SD install and if you don't have it, can be downloaded here:

    Second, use an empty formated SD card if possible, unzip the MR File and copy the Palm folder to the SD card. Inside the folder there is an auto-start PRC along with the different files needed to complete the installation.

    Consider backing up the Treo prior to MR application (may use NVBackup for this purpose), do a Hard Reset on the device before installing the MR. Insert the SD card and the upgrade process will start automatically from there, follow the instructions and when finished, you may restore from the prior backup or re-install applications in any other fashion.

    Good luck ...
    Have a great one...Doc D.

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    Just did the MR tonight, and I wish I'd have done it sooner! It is AWESOME now, it works SO much better. I didn't have that many problems with my phone before, WOW. Very zippy & stable, about 13 more megs of free space, and nearly zero lag when exiting any app including Blazer, the only iffy thing I've noticed is that it seems to randomly disconnect from data every once in a while. Also, I was hoping that the MR would fix the horrid lags I get with NesEm, but it didn't. Must be an issue with the app itself b/c I don't get any skipping or anything with anything else now.

    I did the SD method with an empty formatted card. Stuck it in & the startup app started automatically. Took about 20-25 minutes total. After it was done I selectively restored my apps & prefs with NVbackup. Went smooth as silk. Very satisfied customer
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    Wow! It's like getting a brand new phone. My lag in the phone app is completely gone. I don't even care if there are any other improvements - that one is soooo big for me.

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    I installed the Update but the only app that isn't working is the Palm Backup Beta anyone else having problems with it or is it down right now?
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    seems to be an issue with the palm backup servers
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    Regarding Test7, that is what I'm currently using and have had no problems post MR.
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    o.k. Just tried updating. ran fine for the five minutes updating ROM. Then desktop screen came on and said could not run startup from this card. I hit o.k., and screen with icons disappeared,and I show a little thing at the top with a down arrow card icon and word "card" until it went to sleep, but nothing else is happening. Is it done, or is it fried?
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    Can you wake the phone up? Have you removed the SD and tried soft or hard reset to regain control?
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    called tech support - walked through, and they recommend I try again after battery is fully charged (It has been out of the charger for 8 hours). I'll try that.
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    I think I found my problem. The SD card must be corrupted - I tried to reformat it, and locks up "My Computer". It is an old Patriot card - not even sure how long I've had it. I guess I'll just restore everything for the moment, and either go find a new 1 gig card, decide to spring for a 4 gig, or find someone with an old 1 gig I can borrow.

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