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    there are these 4Gb cards for 20 bucks on ecost, but as many people complain, they don't work on treos.
    Is there anybody who had luck to make them work on palmOS treos.
    I'm wondering if they could work, since some reported that they are ok in treo 700w.
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    4GB card work #1 on my 650 you just need to add 3 file in the firmware too make it work ... you will need Rom tools to back your firmware then add the 3 files in question then upload back to phone and voila !
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    Thanks for the reply,
    Of course it needs to be added fat32 drivers before even trying, but this particular card "Connect3d" one doesn't work for some reason, according to many posts all over the internet.
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    My girlfriend just bought one of these Connect3D cards for me (it was a side deal on I think it needs to be returned. It has been recognized by my 700p two times out of the 20+ times I've tried to get it to work.

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