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    Long story short...wife and I both have T650s. She dropped her and touchscreen dead...tried replacing it....all works except touchscreen. She loves splashshopper and without screen is a phone to her.

    So we need a new Treo. I am eyeing a T680 to replace my T650 and passing my T650 down to her. (our usual arrangement ans she does not need or want the data or bluetooth capability).

    However, I keep seeing a fair amount of grumbling regarding the 680 with the battery life being the big issue.

    How much worse is it? Are there any other T680 issues that are likely to dissapoint/frustrate me?


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    I have had no problems with my 680 and battery life is good, are there times I wish I had more juice, sure.
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    Much of the battery life problems in the early days with the 680 were due to a camera bug. This should be fixed on new models (I assume!), but a patch is available from Palm if you do get an older stock one.

    I find it's more than acceptable now for my needs.
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    My battery life is fine...
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    I didn't have a 650 so I can't compare it to that, but I had a simple Motorola phone before the 680. I think the battery life on the 680 is just fine - even coming from a phone that was just a phone. I use it all day and then charge it at night. I did 'condition' the battery at the beginning though.

    *I have to mention (just because you said something about bluetooth) that the 680 does NOT pair with the 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid. (on the off chance that's what you use bluetooth

    P.S. (For Christina) Hey cuz!
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    The treo 680 will pair with any toyota car. You just have to make a phone call on the treo at the end of bluetooth pairing process. Do this right after you type in the code to pair the phone.
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    I just switched from the 650 to the 680. Battery life was 1 day, I had to charge every morning - downloaded the rom fix and not much improvement. I have since gotten the extended 680 battery from Siedo. Makes the phone bulkier but now the battery gives me 2 days +, which the 650 also gave me with the extended battery.

    680 does not work with Ringo Pro, which I used for custom ringtones for my contacts. I have replaced it with Call Blocker.

    Everything else is good
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    I switched from a 650 to a 680 recently. I consider the 680 as an improvement over the 650, but unfortunately it lacks a decent Bluetooth manager. I experience major problems with my Parrot BT carkit and understand that this a known 680/BT bug, which has to be solved by Palm.
    My 650 never had any BT problems...
    So far I can live with these issues, but still hope for a firmware update soon..
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    I too have switched within the past month from the 650 to the 680. Like all the posts you have read the battery is my biggest complaint. With Chatter running all of the time and normal phone use along with the web and applications I only get about 14 hours. I have been waiting for an OEM sized extended battery to come out but looks like I will be going for the hump back.

    Overall I like the phone really well but then again I didn't have any complaints with my 650.
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    battery life of 680 increases dramatically when signal strength is best.

    I recently switched carrier because the old one gave me a bad signal at my house. Since then I get 3 full days of good use...

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