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    My phone says 9:18.

    The problem is that it's 10:18.

    I reset the phone, made sure it was set to automatically set itself based on the network...still is an hour behind.

    What the heck? Anyone else in the Chicago area experiencing this?
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    I'm in Milwaukee... turned the radio off and on, which should reset the time... and it shows properly.

    Do you have a third-party program where you manually set the time zone? Might be that program is out of date?

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    No third party software here - and after about a half hour of showing the wrong time, I reset it and it showed the correct time finally. Very odd glitch. I was trying to find someone else who had a Sprint phone in my office but didn't find anyone to see if they were experiencing the same problem.

    Thank you for the response! I appreciate it.
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    Alien abduction where you were taken to another Time Zone and returned without you knowing? I'd check for implants if I was you..
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    I'm pretty sure the Aliens are messing with me to some degree because I saw the ad for the iPhone and for a brief moment, I thought to myself:


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