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    I'm about ready to throw my Treo into a brick wall. I consider myself a power user and know my way around my PDA and software very well. I use it for things that baffles the mind of casual users (so I should fit in here well). Anyway my Treo 650 is about 2 years old and I've been having some strange problems lately. The first thing I noticed is that my battery wasn't holding a charge. No problem there, not totally unexpected considering it's life. So I bought a new standard capacity battery and am loving the extra life it now has over my dying 2 year old battery (which would barely handle 30 minutes of phone calls).

    The real problem I'm having is that the saved preference file keeps dying. All of a sudden I will notice that my PALM no longer has a hotsync name and all the other crap that goes along with the loss of that file. My initial thought would be that I'm running some crappy software but I'm using the same stuff I have for years with the exception of 2day and 4cast which I just recently bought. This is a new problem that I typically never ran into, now it seems to happen at least once a week. I've even done a hard reset and manually reinstalled all my software on a clean unit, but it still happens. So do you think my faithful treo is just dying? I'm planning on getting a 755p as soon as Verizon starts to carry the phone, but who knows how long that is going to be.
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    my touchscreen is starting to go. It keeps going out of calibration. I can upgrade to a 700p, but my new every two is in november, and hopefully verizon will have the 755p, which I feel is about when it gets released with an obscene pricetag.

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