Hi folks,

I recently moved up from a 650 to a 755p. While reading up on the new device on the forums, I came across a thread where someone posted the PRC for Sprint's "NFL" application (I think this application came standard on the 700p?). Being a big football fan, I installed this PRC. All it really does is open Blazer to this URL: nfl.mspot.com/NFL4/html/web5.php

On this site there are links to some NFL Network video clips (different from the live NFL Network feed in Sprint TV). When I click on a link, Kinoma Player 4EX opens, but I get an error: "Networking Error: Dm (0x0001)." The file extension of the video clips is .3gp.

All other Kinoma functions work fine, and the Sprint TV service (which includes a live stream of the NFL Network) also works fine. I did a bit of investigating and found that uninstalling 4EX enabled the video clips to play in the embedded Kinoma player that is part of the 755p ROM. Digging a bit further, I found that if I leave 4EX installed and delete only the file "kinomaVideoMPEG4Lib" (created 2/12/07) from RAM, leaving a different version of the same file (created 11/15/06) intact in the ROM, the NFL video clips are able to play in 4EX. However, doing this disables Flash video (YouTube). When I tried to play a clip from YouTube, I got only the audio and not the video.

For the few weeks that I've had my 755p, I've been hoping I could find a way to play these video clips. Now I can do that, by moving the offending file back and forth between RAM and my mini-SD card (using FileZ) depending on what I'm trying to watch. I may be the only one who cares about this, but in case I'm not, I thought I'd share this workaround with you all. I also sent this information to Kinoma.