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    Well, I've been surfing with my Prism for about 5 months now and am yet to find the ideal browser. I've tried Browse-It, Blazer, Palmscape and Eudora. While they all have some similar and some different functionalities none really seem to format the screen in an ideal manner, turning off color doesn't seem to speed things up, some take too long to exit, etc, etc, etc. I guess my favorite so far (for speed and for formatting of Yahoo mail) is Eudora Web, but it lacks a lot of functionality (including color) that the others have.

    So, are there any other 1st class browsers out there that I might have missed and would want to try? I don't mind paying if I find the right one. Thanks!!! dave
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    I personally think AvantGo is the best at formatting pages right now, its got decent speed, and now has 16-bit support.

    EudoraWeb is indeed in color, but doesn't support images - that thing is so fast though!

    I use Browse-It sometimes, considering taking it off since AvantGo has 16-bit.

    I personally thought Blazer was super slow, with a lot of freezes.
    Matt Nichols
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    Thanks Matt,

    I've been working with AvantGo since your response, and, I do like the speed and the presentation. While there's some issues regarding clearing the cache to make sure that I'm getting updated pages -- it seems to be working quite well.
    One question, though -- I've been unable to get into 'my yahho' where I have my private mail account. Is this due to some turf issues or to me not having the server stuff formatted correctly?
    thanks -- dave
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    Hm, are you talking about going to the normal address? If so then you should either go to or follow these instruction on adding Yahoo! as an AvantGo channel. The normal Yahoo! mail uses JavaScript, and thats why it won't work. You can also add Yahoo! mail to "My Wireless" if you have it enabled on your account.

    If you have been using the mobile version of Yahoo!, then I'm not sure what the problem is.
    Matt Nichols
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    What am I missing? The only way I have found on the Yahoo site to get yahoo e-mail is to use the Yahoo PQA which won't work on a deluxe. You seem to suggest that I can enable my AvantGo channel to get my mail as well. Did I misunderstand you?
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    Okay the standard AvantGo Yahoo! page does not have Yahoo! Mail, but they do have a wireless mail chanel. Simply enable AvantGo Wireless ( and it should be one of the default channels. You could also probably set up a custom channel. Both of these solution are best for getting mail on the road with a modem, not synching.

    If you want to synch then I suggest you go into your Yahoo! preferences & enable Yes Mail (Or somethign like that), they send you some junk mail every now and then but as compensation allow you to use their POP3 and SMTP servers, which in turn would allow you to use your Yahoo! account with Eudora or outlook (Which you can sync with using Mail app).
    Matt Nichols
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    Thanks if my cable to attach my phone to my Visor would only get here...
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