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    Well, kind of. It will call and ring, but none of the voice stuff works. Texting works fine aswell, but I can't figure out what is wrong with it. When calling, the other phone recieves static. I had it working a few days ago by switching on 'north american calling', but now it doesn't work even with that on. Anyone know how to fix this? I've even hard reset it with no good.
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    I hope you get this figured out? I just purchased an unlocked 650 for T-Mo also.

    (Unlocked) Treo 650 - T-Mobile
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    Do you know if it works on cingular?
    That way you'd know if the phone really worked or if it was network related.

    I had to upgrade my tmobile sim when I moved to the 650, but if you can text I'd say the sim is okay.

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