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    Hello, new treo user, the 680 is my model.

    Is there a way to toggle between phone and a pda app directly (e.g. memo) without having to go to pda "home" and then re-entering the application? Last smartphone did this (kyocera).

    Thanks in advance!
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    Option + the calendar button fires up Memo.

    head to the buttons section of prefs and you can configure what hardbutton launches what app.

    Or look at something like launch anywhere.

    Enjoy ur 680
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    you could use a favorite to do this or hi-launcher has an option.
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    McPhling is another that will let you swap between the two last apps you used. It also has a pop-up menu with a list of recently used apps. You can assign favorites to it for the ones you use the most.
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    great ideas! I decided on the favorites method, but in the process re-discovered the option of holding down the "home/applications" button and it lists recently used apps. thanks
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    I use 123-Launch which allows me to configure 5 applications to a button.

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