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    I just recently tried to Hotsync via BT and it wouldn't work. I disabled my BT and ever since then it has not worked. It doesn't let me pair up my earpiece.

    When I get to the Hotsync on the Palm and click it for my computer, it just quickly flashes the 3 sync icons then goes back to Hotsync main page.

    Don't know what to do. How do I do a soft reset? I don't want to lose and retype all my contacts!
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    Loosing contacts, make it device overwrites desktop.

    Are you sure the ports are set correctly? My ports are in the hotsync manager are: Local 4, Modem 3 and both Local USB and Local are checked.

    Sometimes the ports get a bit messed up.

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    how do you reset the ports? I have 20 ports. Not sure which ones to use??
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    Hostync over to your desktop using the cable and rename your backup folder.
    Then make sure that when you right click on palm hotsync that local usb is unchecked and that local is checked. Also, remove any other cables, etc. that could take up a port. Did your device discover the bluetooth dongle?

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