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    I tried the 680 for a while, then decided to take the plunge to a 750. LOVE the 750 form factor (nice and grippy with the rubberized coating!). Alas, WM eventually drove me crazy (I gave it 2 months, that's all I could take). I'm currently using my 650 again, patiently waiting for Palm's next move. I'm a Cingular guy and, quite frankly, the 680 is like a bar of soap in my hands!

    With the release of the 755p on Sprint with the rubberized coating, I'm left scratching my head and wondering if Palm will give the 680 the same rubber-treatment at some point? I would LOVE a "black-tie" 680! If any of you are familiar with the black-tie 650 (10th year anniversary limited edition with black rubberized coating), that's what I'm talking about!

    What say you, Palm??
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    The blue and maroon are rubberized? News to me.
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    I didnt know they were rubber either until my friend brought his by yesterday.

    I want a 755p on AT&T also! 1.3MP camera, High speed internet, jeez! I love my 680 tho, best GSM smartphone out there!
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    get a phone skin from "bestskinsever" - they give the phone a grippy feel you are looking for and protect the phone well. Have been using it for 2 months now, and it is a great investment !


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