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    This problem is really weird. I have a Toyota Sienna with BT, as well as Plantronics 510. Paired the 755 with both, no problem. But if I disconnect BT, then I can't hear anything from a caller from the built in phone earpiece. If I press speakerphone in the phone app, I can hear them, but if I toggle off the speakerphone, no sound. This continues on subsequent calls. The only way to fix it is to remove the battery and reboot.

    I then did a hard reset of the phone, and tried it without reinstalling all my add on applications. Same issue.

    After I did not find anyone else having this issue on this forum, I went back to Sprint and they reluctantly gave me another 755. I also bought a Motorola HS800 BT. I still have the same problem. I am coming from a 650 and had none of these issues previously. Otherwise I love the phone, but this one thing is making me nuts. Anyone have any suggestions on what to do next?
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    That's really strange. When you disconnect the BT connection, are you doing it from the car or from the Treo itself? I have a car kit and when I disconnect BT, I just use my Treo to do it and the calls goes right to the handset's earpiece. I'll have to try transferring the call from my car kit and see what happens.
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    Always from the Treo. I don't think it has anything to do with the car kit, as it does it with both the car and the headsets (two different brands).

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