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    So I've now had this behavior on two treos in a period of 3 or so weeks - this after over a year with no treo issues like this.

    Each time I've woken up to the treo trying to hotsync (not plugged in to anything) for no apparent reason - further research would show that it was executing the "hotsync button" task at random intervals. To try and fix this, I would do a soft reset -then instead of getting the Access Powered screen and all the rest, instead I'd get a quick red led and straight into the rainbow screen of the bootloader. Nothing I could do could get the phone to boot normally.

    Is there any way to fix this? I took it to advanced replacement yesterday and it looks like it'll be 3 or so days until I get another replacement treo..and well, I have no reason to believe it'll work any better.
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    I would change your ac adapter and hotsync cable...

    looks like the cable is shorting out your pins, making it go to hotsync. (and in this case, on a reset, it thinks its holding the hotsync button -which means bootloader screen)

    so yeah, swap out your charger and hotsync cable for new ones.
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    I had that problem with my first 700p. It's a short between two of the pins at the bottom of the Treo. It may be caused by a bad hotsync cable or something else, but as far as I was able to tell, it's permanent once it happens. So I'd swap out your 700p. And I'd swap out the cable, so you don't cause the problem on your next 700p (although I'm not really sure it's caused by the cable). Here's a thread I started about this issue last year. Good luck.
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