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    Does the 680's mp3 player have a fast forward? Skip 15 or 30 seconds? Resume on pause/stop? How do you activate these functions? Is it a button or do I need to use the pen?

    I currently have an iriver mp3 player that I absolutely love. It's attached to me every waking hour. However, I'm sick of carrying a phone and an mp3 player.

    Will the 680's mp3 player replace a stand alone mp3 player? I listen to podcasts exclusively; no music.
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    There is a nice skin for PockitTunes called Thumbscreen FreeFlow Its realy nice for Podcasts and books ...Try it out!
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    I can't try it out as yet. The rewind & fast forward and resume on pause are deal breakers for me before I buy the phone. I have a flip phone smartphone now that has an mp3 player, but no way to use these functions without opening the phone. The 680 looks good to me, but I can't find out if it has these functions and if I need the pen to activate them.
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    I regularly listen to MP3s while doing physical work. One issue that I find annoying is "keyguard". In order to change songs, you must push the power button, wait a 1/4second and then the center button to first even get to the MP3 player. Then I think that Pocketunes does not have hard keys for FF or RW. You'll need the stylus I think.

    It's a minor annoyance for me since I'm not a major audiophile. But I can feel your pain for a lot of eBooks or podcasts where you want to get to the next point easily.

    Corrections welcomed.
    Patrick Horne
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    CHECK OUT THE THUMBSCREEN you don't need the stylus . Just one thumb You can plus or minus 15 sec. , 30 sec. 1 min. 2 min. or whip it back n forth ! check it out at palmgear

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