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    Ok, so i just got a Treo 755p and I'm completely stumped... how the hell do i change the default skin? I downloaded some from and installed them but i cannot find where in the program i change it. I feel like a complete n00b asking this but can anyone throw me a bone?

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    I'm not 100% sure you can unless you upgrade to the deluxe version. I don't see it on the version that came with my 755. i have not installed my deluxe version yet. But, I thought the option was in the far right of the menus.
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    I have the deluxe version, and in the menu in the far right its has an option to change skins.
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    If in PT menu and it shows only 3 main menus Pref,Actions and Help then that Tools Main menu is missing. This missing menu allows you go to Graphic Equalizer, Choose Skin and Plugins.
    To get this menu u need to find somewhere in the menus a "bonus updates or something similar". After you sign up, PT will send you a magic 5 or 6 digit number to unlock everything.
    Thats what i could recall so far. Hope this helps
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    Yes, it's a pTunes Deluxe feature only.

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